Title "The Pet Nannie" with photos of dog, parrot, rabbit, cat, and horse
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Betty sitting on the sofa with her dog, Rollie“Rather than boarding our beloved pets when we leave town, we entrust their care to the Pet Nannie, Betty Memmer. Betty truly cares for our pets and gives them love and attention as well as takes care of their physical needs when we are away. When we return, our pets are relaxed and happy—a real change of pace from picking up at the boarding facility! We feel very lucky to have found such dependable, loving care for pets! Thank you, Betty!”
—Elizabeth S.

“Our pet is a special member of our family. If we can't care for him ourselves we know that Betty will be there to provide the love and care we would give him. She shows incredible care and patience for my sometimes trying chihuahua. She has taken care of him for up to two weeks, and as little as a day or two. Betty obviously loves animals, and it shows not only in the responsible and important TLC she gives to them but also in how they respond to her.”
—Monique H. (765)404-1573

“Betty has cared for my three dogs and two cats since she opened her business in 2000. I have always gotten superior, professional, one-on-one care for each of my five pets, and she is a third of what it would cost to board them. I especially appreciate her willingness to be available for brief phone check-ins to assure me that my little ones are happily being cared for. Sometimes I have even found my pets' behavior to be improved after being in Betty's care. For example, before I left for Vermont last summer, my 80-lb. Labrador Retriever had developed the habit of jumping on the sliding glass door. After I returned, she no longer exhibited that behavior. In addition, Betty was able to finish up their potty training to the point where we've only had very few accidents since then. Betty has proven her ability to handle my five pets, and they are a handfull. I would recommend her to anyone, whether they need short or long term care for their cherished pets.”
Betsy V.

"Thank you so much for making our holiday vacation so easy and stress free. We appreciate your skills and your flexibility. You were wonderful. We look forward to using your services again soon.”
Stacia P.